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The best way to buy a sail boat

Posted by on Jul 5, 2016 in Buy & Sell, Sailboats |

Middle-class individuals can own a sailboat, and don’t allow anyone to convince you that they can’t. Only a small amount of rich people buy new sailboats, and they sell their old boats that are re-sold to guys like you and me.

mainThe best way purchase a sail boat is to buy a used sailboat, and to do that and save some money that would go on the repairs you should bring an expert with you. Whether it is a professional surveyor or simply a friend that knows something about ships, doesn’t matter (you will need an engineer for the insurance once you buy a boat). One rule covers the boats and other transport vehicles; the fault may not be as awful as it looks like, and the other way around. An expert knows what type of the failure may cost you a lot of money, and what kind of fault only looks bad.
Before you start going around retailers, be sure to pick a type of the boat you want. Whether it will be a small fishing boat or a racer will help the expert you hired. Some experts know a lot about fishing boats while others know nothing about them.

A sailing beginner should stick with fiberglass boats. They are more expensive, but there is no maintenance, and the material is pretty tough. Wooden boats are the cheapest type of boats on the market, but it is hard to find a used wooden boat that has no damages and no major problems. And even if you do buy a well preserved wooden ship, the maintenance of the same requires some skill.
IMG_20151112_150949324 - CopySome of the biggest problems that you should care for are the boat pox, severe cracks on the mast, gel coat gouges and so on. If you don’t know anything about maintenance of the sail boats, then you should find someone who will do that for you.
Don’t buy a sail boat that has some rare or too old engine, as there might be a shortage of the parts. Be sure to check the motor and see whether there is an abundance of the parts on the market (cheap parts if possible). A good engine will produce a bit of black smoke on the cold start, and a bad engine will produce a lot of blue and white smoke, so be sure to check it.
sailAlways be sure to test the sails before you buy a boat. IF there are stretches, broken slides or other damages to them, then it will cost you to repair them. Check the windward sails for drafts as they will reduce the overall power of the boat. Buying new sails just because you failed to notice the wear and tear of the old sails will cost you a lot of money.
Buying used things carries a risk, but sometimes you must buy a used something like a sail boat simply because the new boat is too expensive. Be picky and don’t jump the gun and buy a first boat you see.

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